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Fiery hot garage rock band Blotterz will be joining us at the park, get ready to rock really hard to that. These guys are one of my favorite new bands right now and I'm happy to be adding them, for sure.

In addition, sick trans-feminine hip hop artist Michete joins the already stacked TownTv tent lineup. You can read this thing Pitchfork wrote about them if you're not familiar yet:…/903-why-michete-is-the-worst-queer-…/

Schedule drops soon, get hyped.


Hey guys, glad to see the amazing reaction to the initial announcement. Just wanted to let you know we've added a few more artists in the last couple weeks to really round things out.  LTTRS is a four piece prog/post-rock band from Bremerton, they're going to kill it, and TownTV has added to their tent local hip hop artists Karma & Nobi, Madshroom MC, and BVMMER.  This might be one of the best years yet, thanks for being a part of it!


It's that time of the year again, time to announce the VanFest lineup.  Or at least it will be soon, check back June 4th at 11AM for the big reveal!  Also, some huge news!  VanFest will be FREE for people 21 and under, thanks for a 4Culture grant funded by King county's Lodging Tax.  I'm so proud to be able to bring music and art to the young people of the area, free of cost!  Very excited.

                       Two Days Until VanFest FIVE!

                                                        August 13th, 2015

Alright everyone, the final countdown begins.  Here's the finalized schedule!

Make sure to note that parking is $2 UNLESS you bring a donation of food or school supplies for the Maple Valley Food Bank.  Can't wait to see you all at Royal Arch Park on Saturday!

The Ray Budworth Memorial Stage:

12:00 - Anime Dad
1:00 - Alex Enger & The Mayors
2:00 - Falling Over
3:00 - Roaming Herds of Buffalo
4:00 - Listen Lady
5:00 - Grand Arson
6:00 - if BEARS were BEES
7:00 - Kitty
8:00 - Fauna Shade

KGRG FM's The Post Presents: A Stage

12:30 - Humidity&&static
1:30 - math jokes
2:30 - Painters
3:30 - Lures
4:30 - Great Grandpa
5:30 - Lo' There Do I See My Brother
6:30 - chung antique
7:30 - Heavy Petting
8:30 - The Bomb Shelter

Nicholas Stage III: The Stage Strikes Back

12:15 - Reverend Bear
1:15 - Chehala
2:15 - Big O
3:15 - Darian Reneé
4:15 - Car Seat Headrest
5:15 - Bleachbear
6:15 - SEACATS
7:15 - Neukarzent
8:15 - Naomi Punk

The Tent

12:15 - Lockjaw
1:15 - The Colour Out of Space
2:15 - Shiitake
3:15 - Glooms
4:15 - Whitney Ballen
5:15 - Nabii KO$MO
7:15 - Golden Gardens
8:15 - Gifted Gab

Falling Over & Big O added to Lineup

June 28th, 2015

In addition to all the other great bands you know about, new band Falling Over and Boise rapper Big O have been added to VanFest!

Falling Over, the new project from Jimmy Tall Bones (Maple Valley native, of Follies & Vices) and Patrick May (of District) is really something I'm in love with right now. Jimmy's signature vocal style paired up with Patrick's bright leads and a chilled out groove from the rhythm section, with a bit of saxophone thrown in, are making me think that this is already my favorite project from any of these people. It just feels right to listen to.

Big O, aka Myles Clason is a hard working and prolific hip hop artist from Boise, Idaho.  He's toured through Seattle a bunch of times, showing off his high energy show with live bass and drums, as well as intense electronic backing on his beats.  There's some nerdcore influence on the subject matter, but Myles doesn't let that restrict how hard he goes or let that limit him at all.  This is going to be a fun, fun set from him. 

sign up to be a vanfest volunteer

June 10th, 2015

Hey everybody, Van here!  As this year comes together, the need for volunteers to help make VanFest happen increases.  If you have interest in being a part of a community benefit and learning about a lot of the work that goes into making this happen, or if you want to help staff the event on-site the day of, please send an email with your name and a bit about yourself to:

Volunteers will be supplied with food and drink, as well as free entry to the festival and the unending gratitude of everyone involved with the festival, as well as other little perks and benefits to be arranged soon!  Thanks to everyone who has supported VanFest over the past few years, together we are going to make this one the best yet!

Lo' There Do I See My Brother Added to vanfest

June 3rd, 2015

Returning to VanFest after their great appearance in 2013 is everyone's favorite Tacoma post-rock/shoegaze/prog band, Lo' There Do I See My Brother! Listen to their latest record "Northern Shore" now, its really great!

Vanfest five lineup announced!

May 29th, 2015

Its been a hell of a year so far!  Thanks for coming to the website.  We've just announced the lineup for this year's VanFest, and its possibly the best we've ever had. We've got the awesome Naomi Punk coming up from Olympia, Kitty flying in from LA to bring the jams, the first lady of the Moor Gang herself, Gifted Gab, playing, and so many others, including a yet to be announced super special guest artist.  We're bringing in talent from Maple Valley itself, including if BEARS were BEES, Still Valley, Lockjaw and Anime Dad among others.  We've got some of our favorite artists from past years returning, like SEACATS, Bleachbear, Lures, Grand Arson, and Alex Enger & the Mayors!  All of that is just a fraction of the great local music you'll be able to see.  In addition, we're announcing that tickets are now half price to high and middle schoolers as part of our initiative to bring accessibility to the youth of Maple Valley!  

Check out the full list of bands in the lineup tab up above there, and make sure to get your tickets while you still can!

Thanks to everyone for the support over the years, keep checking back here to see updates as we get closer to VanFest!